Lessons From the Wonder Woman Movie

Identity, Grace and Power

Lately I watched the movie Wonder Woman. I know, I am quite late to the party, having a baby will do that to you. Though I watched it for entertainment, I couldn’t resist seeing a very obvious Biblical principle stemming out of it.

Woman eating pop corn

I grew up hearing all the negative stereotypes describing women in general. You know the picture, gossipy, jealous, manipulative, weak, dependent, bad driver, etc. Daily, I overcome those with as much grace as I can, thanks to knowing my identity in Christ.

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Only God Knows the Troubles I’ve Seen

Take Me to the King

Somehow, I’ve always seen the strongest image of faith embodied in an African-American older mother like Ms. Clara in the film War Room. For one, movies have helped shape that stereotype in my mind, but I’m also sure that she knows what troubles are because she bears the scars.

Only God Knows the Troubles I’ve Seen

Too often, those are scars caused by the sins of others, carved by difficult odds, to say the least. And now that I am a mother, I understand just a little more. Fire makes us more Christlike. This is for all of you, the Ms. Claras of this world.

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Love Thyself

Reflections on Biblical Self-Love

We’ve all heard them, the voices, telling us we’re not good enough, perhaps even not worthy of love. Whether they come from our culture, our families or ourselves, they can weaken and discourage us and even make our lives quite miserable.

Some well-intended people have decided to fight back, and a new trend was born. It’s especially visible in the self-help section of book stores and on social media. Some Christians have even adopted it. What is it? It’s the message that we are perfect just the way we are. Frankly, is it really helping?

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Is My Faith Growing?

What Are the Signs

I am 35 weeks pregnant. Soon enough, we will be welcoming a new member to our growing family. I can’t wait to meet her and see what God has in store for her. What a responsibility to bring into the world a tiny human being carrying the image of the living God Who created her. This is no small privilege.

I have learned a lot through books and the wise advice of people around me, and still have so much more to understand. Yet, I know this much. Babies have the potential to become powerful grown humans, but must be brought up one step at a time, respecting each stages of growth.

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Is Your Spirit Fit?

Food is the name of the game for so many social media accounts, websites, companies, etc. There are food festivals, TV networks, etc. We even are becoming more and more obese due to abuse.

As you know, food does not automatically equal nourishment. “Come on now, don’t be raining on my parade,” is what you might think. Don’t worry. I’m not so much about what goes in your stomach than I am about what goes in your heart and mind.

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