Love God, Love People

Isn’t it beautiful when two hearts meet and connect at the deepest level, without barriers, and without shame, offering their very best to each other? Love. Wouldn’t it be life-changing if every single one of our relationships could be that fulfilling? If we could just be open, raw, and real with others?

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to move abroad with my husband who works for a Christian NGO. When we arrived in West Africa, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew this would be a learning experience, but I could not predict God would work in my life the way He did.

Resolutions in High Definition

This year is different. I said to myself every year since I started making resolutions. This is a “New Year, New Me” like you see all over social media.

This year, I will get fit and healthy. Goodbye bacon and sweets, hello gym routine and kale. Really. You all know how the story ends.

So I stopped making resolutions a couple of years back

How to Keep Going After Messing Up

I pulled on the bakery paper, and sank my teeth in the scrumptious pastry I had carefully chosen for breakfast. Instantly, flavors started swirling on my tongue: cinnamon, sweet spices, carrots, all being released from this tender, melting, velvety texture… I had forgotten how suave a carrot muffin can truly be.

I had forgotten because some time ago already, I have made a decision that junk food would be out of my menu. Except on rare occasions such as weddings, birthday, and other very special events (like having ice cream with three of the loveliest British kids I know). The treat truly was watching them play and listening to their stories, but back to my muffin.

I Will Boast in My Weakness

Divinely Bold Series - 5 of 5

When I began the series, I was quite decided. I was going to write this to encourage my sisters—and brothers—to be bold. I was going to share about the incredible journey God took me on, which was a mountain top experience. Then, life happened. My mother got ill, I miscarried, a load of other unplanned events took place. This allowed me to grow, and although it took a while for me to pen this, I know that it is timely.

I don’t know who needs to read this at this very moment in their lives, but I know it was delayed for a reason. I believe you will be blessed. May you be encouraged by those words, and to God be all the glory.

Why I Don’t Go to Church

And Why That Makes No Sense

The church is full of hypocrites. People in the church are so judgmental. The church wants to control my life. I’m spiritual, but I don’t need to go to church. The Bible says the Holy Spirit teaches me, why would I want to listen to a fallen man or woman from the pulpit?

Ever heard those phrases? Ever said it? Do you believe any of it right now? Let’s talk.