Praying When I Expect No Answer

Prayers That Change Everything Part 2

The other night, my husband and I prayed together. Before praying, we like to read Scriptures to set our focus on the Truth of the Word of God. We use a deck of cards with verses on them to do so. That evening, without much thinking, I picked the first card on the pack and read it aloud: The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. (Psalm 34:17, NIV)

Then we began to pray. While we prayed, I felt so out of place. I mean, who can boast of being a righteous person? Not me. I did not feel like I measured up. Deep in my heart I secretly thought the verse simply applied to those who had it more together. Have you ever felt this way?

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Dare to Pray

Prayers That Change Everything Part 1

Mary’s mother was quite ill. She had just had a major surgery and was now recovering quietly in her shared room. Her roommate left, and was replaced by a new one. Much to Mary and her family’s discomfort, that new roommate was quite loud, and rude.

The whole family tried to close their eyes on the situation, even asking for a room change which was denied. That was until

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