Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

May 13, 2016

Ever heard the expression “agree to disagree”? That’s what people say when they realize they will not come to the same conclusion, and don’t think it’s worth fighting over. So, where are you on that? Are you able to “agree to disagree”?

The world in which we live today is both beautiful and confusing. Everyone has an opinion, there are so many philosophies out there, and lots of folks like to make it a buffet where they pick and chose what fits their appetite of the day best. Today it’s this, tomorrow it’s that. And the constant information shared online and sent to our phones and computers just won’t stop.

So when do we take a breath? Where is the truth in all of that?

Standing the Test of Time

The Word or God is a sure thing. Yes, the Bible my friend. You may think, “How is this 2000 year-old document relevant for me?” Well, for starters, it really is old, and has endured the test of time. There is a lot of comfort and reassurance in that. Besides, it is still as relevant today as it was back then. You know why? Because it was written with you in mind. With you and with every single human being that ever lived, and will ever live. How is that possible? Simple. It’s from the mind of God, this big loving God who created all things. He says even your hair is numbered and he knows your deepest thoughts. The truth contained in the pages of the Bible is unfailing and unchanging.

Stand your Ground

It is often very hard to stand your grounds for what you believe. Now I’m talking about resistance, not starting a war. The pressure can be fierce. It may even feel like for many non-Christians, being a Christian and having common sense is mutually exclusive. If you’re a Christ follower, it means you hate homosexuals and boycott Target. It means you’re for guns and voting Trump. Don’t let any stereotypes steal your joy of being a child of God. People will always have opinions about everything. It’s just that with the Internet, it seems like everyone has a megaphone, and it’s very very noisy out there. Remember how Jesus left the crowds and went to the mountain or the wilderness to pray? When you feel surrounded, where is your mountain? Where is your wilderness? Where do you go for quiet time with God?

The Tiny Little Trap

Have you ever noticed how the devil is sometimes in the details? I don’t like giving him much attention, but we can’t be oblivious to his schemes either. Stopping at things that matter less often prevent us from seeing what truly matters.

Here’s a quote that sums up what I mean:

The enemy is trapping us with small questions when we have the big answer. – Lisa Bevere

Here are a few examples of questions we have that matter less than the bigger picture.

  • Question: Is someone born gay or not?

Big picture: The Word of God says we were born in sin. Sinful. Sinners. All of us. I have no doubt that one can be born with sexual desires that are not God’s best for them. And truth be told, we all have desires that are not God’s best for us. That’s why we all need Jesus to be saved and to help us align the desires of our flesh with His desires. Bottom line: a sin is a sin is a sin. And hope is Jesus is love. Love, not compromise.

  • Question: Should I vote Conservative since they are considered to be Christians?

Big picture: The Word of God says to pray for our leaders. Even the ones we did not vote for. Can you imagine the level of pressure they and their families face? I think we can give them the benefit of the doubt that they desire to do what they consider best. How about we pray that their hearts and desires align with the will and desires of God? How about we all vote for the candidate that we believe is the closest to our values, and pray for them and whoever gets elected? We don’t have to like them, but we sure have to pray for them.

  • Question: Should we lobby to get abortion clinics to get closed down?

Big picture: The Word of God contains the Ten Commandments. One of those is you shall not kill. Believing that life begins at conception means that ending a life in the womb is killing. But it is also very complex. There are many reasons why a woman will choose to have an abortion. This may come as a surprise to you, but according to US Government statistics, less than 1% of all abortions in the US are taking place because of a pregnancy caused by rape/incest. The other 99%+ is for a myriad of other reasons. What if we invested our energy and time in offering all the resources possible for a woman so she doesn’t have to take that route? Abortion clinics should close on their own for a lack of customers. Ultimately, abortion all too often takes place as the result of the selfishness of the heart. I think we can go back to prayer on this one too.

To Conclude

I used those hot topic issues to share some thoughts, but also as examples of how the wrong focus can be slowing us down on our way to freedom in Christ. By no means am I trying to solve these complex issues with a single blog post. My point is, to make sense of the ever-evolving information that is presented to us, we should always scan it under the wise counsel of the Word of God, and honestly search our hearts, that we may remain humble and obedient before God, and loving to others.

So what is the big answer? Jesus. And he is love. Love your neighbor through it all, and agree to disagree with them when needed. But don’t ever forget your first love. Let the Lord be before you, behind you, all around you and in your midst. Let there be love and let there be truth.

This is a conversation; see you in the comments below!


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