Disclosure – Affiliate Links and Ads

Dearest reader,

I work very hard with one simple goal in mind: helping you to go deeper with God. The Gospel message is for free and will always be. That is why my website is opened to you, and you have free access to most of what I write on here about our amazing God.

That said, while the Gospel is for free, keeping a website looking good, up to date, and running is not. That is why I have chosen to have affiliate links and ads within my posts, side bar, and social media. Affiliate links mean that I will receive a small commission should you choose to click and make a purchase through those links. And ads, well, you know what ads are. This all takes place at no extra cost to you!

Rest assured, I don’t just put whatever out there, I select useful products I would suggest anyway because I have used most of them, or in rare cases, they come highly recommended by people I trust. That said, I encourage you to make an informed purchase, and to not buy a product if you don’t think it will help you achieve your goals.

I also develop wonderful products with the same goal in mind as stated above: helping you to go deeper with God. Those products are for sale and the price is based on the development and production costs.

I am also big on giving you free stuff, sometimes in exchange for an email address to connect with you. Speaking of which, have you checked out my Essentials to Go Deeper With God Toolkit?

If you’d like to invest in my ministry, you can click here to donate.

One last thing, there is no way for me to promise results through my products, articles, affiliate links, or anything else I offer, propose or dispense. I simply can’t predict the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to click here to contact me.

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