Why I Don’t Go to Church

October 12, 2016

The church is full of hypocrites. People in the church are so judgmental. The church wants to control my life. I’m spiritual, but I don’t need to go to church. The Bible says the Holy Spirit teaches me, why would I want to listen to a fallen man or woman from the pulpit?

Ever heard those phrases? Ever said it? Do you believe any of it right now? Let’s talk.

The Church Is Full of Hypocrites

I agree. Wait, what? Yes, I agree! I mean, I can’t pretend like I haven’t seen the pretenders before. Don’t worry we all see them. We have all been them. So, would I stop going to church because that’s where they are at in their lives at the moment? Wasn’t I ever there? I think perhaps if we stopped judging them, it would be different. People would be free to be weak, and to need others. Our whole culture revolves around performances and success. That’s why we try to pretend like everything is going just fine, even when it isn’t. Let’s stop the pretending for our sake and that of others.

People in the Church Are So Judgmental

Okay. This one is getting old. Weren’t we just calling people hypocrites a minute ago? Wouldn’t it be hypocritical to judge them and not realize we are hypocrites too? Catch 22 here, buddy. Catch 22.

As my husband says, we always form an opinion or judgment about things. What we do with it is key. If we come back to the idea that our whole culture revolves around performances and success, perhaps we are all guilty of expecting too much from ourselves and people around?

The Church Wants to Control My Life

Sooooo… You don’t want others to be hypocrites, you don’t want them to be judgmental, AND you don’t want them to tell you anything. So you can judge them, call out their hypocrisy, but they can’t return the favor? Do you see where I’m going?

Quite frankly though, I’ll admit that some of us have control issues, but I’m afraid that is not only in the church, that would be a human condition present everywhere in the world. Only difference is that in church there is true hope since Jesus excels at changing hearts.

I’m spiritual, but I don’t need to go to church

Demons are spiritual too, you know? There is a reason JESUS called us to form a body, TOGETHER. It was His desires, that His precious children would get together and be the light of the world. The body of Christ is like one big happy family. I don’t know any human family that is perfect.

The Bible says the Holy Spirit teaches me, why would I want to listen to a fallen man or woman from the pulpit

Okay. Since you’re going there. If the Holy Spirit was teaching you and you were truly listening, you’d be in church. The Holy Spirit came to confirm Jesus’ work and ministry, not justify our preferences. If Jesus said to build the church, the Holy Spirit won’t think it’s cool to boycott it.

I’ve Been Hurt by God’s People

Now we’re talking. This is probably much closer to the truth than the other excuses. God’s people are JUST like you and me. Fallen individuals in need of Jesus. Perhaps you’ve expected too much from them. Maybe they have done you really wrong. Perhaps there is healing right in the place where hurt happened. Maybe not in the same church, but right in the body of Christ. I myself come from a place where I’ve been hurt like no place else before, but I can’t blame Jesus for it. And if I’m honest, I also have done others wrong.

I was careful in finding a church where I could retreat and lick my wounds for a time, and then move forward. I’ve been careful in finding a place where others recognized that we all equally desperately needed Jesus. Doesn’t matter where we are in our lives, from the super preacher to the jailed person who committed murder. One’s acts might “look” better, but we are all one and the same in God’s eyes: sinners in need of a Savior.

Why You WANT to Go to Church

Church is many things. For one, it is a place to worship the One True Living God with other believers. That is where you’ll find people just like you, who do their best to love on God and others. Also, you may have noticed that doing this faith thing on your own is quite hard. No need to play tough here, we need others.

You might have felt like you didn’t belong before, but it’s okay to take a minute to find a home church that is right for you. There is a place where you can grow, find a faith family, and be at home.

People are not perfect, true. But I think you’ll agree if I tell you that most people do their best, and that some sacrifice so much to share Jesus’ love. Find people like them, you won’t regret it.

If you go to a good church, leave a comment below. Tell us why your church is amazing, and where it’s located. Who knows who might need to hear about it?

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