Resolutions in High Definition

Dec 31, 2016

This year is different. I said to myself every year since I started making resolutions. This is a “New Year, New Me” like you see all over social media.

This year, I will get fit and healthy. Goodbye bacon and sweets, hello gym routine and kale. Really. You all know how the story ends.

So I stopped making resolutions a couple of years back and figured I’d rather focus on a set of objectives as they come throughout the year. That was until last week.

You see, I also considered stuff that God showed me throughout the year (especially during the last quarter) and realized how I need to make some serious new commitments if I intend to keep growing and living an inside-out transformation on a daily basis.

That’s when I realized that I knew how I could make New Year resolutions stick. For starters, it cannot solely be about me, although happening through me. It’s about making room for Christ in me, that HE may increase, and that I may decrease.

So here are the three resolutions I will be working hard on this year. They are the big idea and I might break them down into smaller objectives and projects throughout the year.

1) Consuming less. Yep, it’s the season of giving and I vouched to consume less. Well, after studying how our consuming habits affect our environment and that our resources are NOT unlimited, I need to be careful about what I purchase so that I’m not taking away from someone else. Of course I can’t take responsibility for it all, but for now, I will consume more local, and less in general. If I am to be a good steward of my resources, I need to take this seriously.

2) Invest in relationships. So my natural tendency is to have lots of friends and divide my time amongst them, stretching each thin, but I long for more. I long for deep fellowship and I want to offer more. I believe relationships to be the greatest currency we possess. Real relationships can’t be bought or acquired easily. They require time and work and sacrifices. After all, God calls us to a relationship with him and with others. It may possibly be the one of the most important, if not the most important thing we do, to invest in all of our relationships, as we love the Lord our God with all we have and love others as ourselves.

3) Taking time to rest. My natural tendency is to overwork myself. As long as I still stand, I will add stuff to my plate. Well, this year amongst many other lessons, I learned the hard way that life happens, in spite of all of my planning and working and if I want to be able to enjoy it, I have to slow down and have my eyes and heart wide open. How can I have meaningful relationships with both God and others if I’m constantly on the go or “busy”?

So that’s it. I challenge you to sit for a few minutes and look back. Think of the mighty stuff God showed you this year. Maybe it’s only about that one thing. Write it down. Ponder. What does it mean for you? How could it be a new way of living, bringing glory to God and bringing you closer to him?

Happy New Year and Happy Resolution making!

Praying about this:

Dear Lord, our culture constantly calls us to desire the next new shiny thing, and I really want to long for you instead. Only you know the depths of my heart and what needs transformation. Show me what Your will is for my life that I may set my heart and my actions on a course that keeps on making me more like you. Thank you for your constant love, peace, freedom, and guidance, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Share your resolutions in the comments below!

About Caroline

Caroline is a Jesus girl more than anything. Even if often in the US and Canada, she lives in West Africa with her husband JB, and daughter Imela Christy. She is a writer, a minister, and a faith resource creator. She enjoys travelling, coffee, and friends.

Hey there, I'm Caroline

Hey there, I'm Caroline

I've been a follower of Jesus for over a decade, and a minister for almost just as long. My passion is to know God better, and help you know Him better too. I answer real questions with real answers, for a real faith in a real God.

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