Stop Telling Me God Loves Me

Jul 9, 2018

This morning, I did something I do about 347 times a day, and that is checking my Instagram. And there I saw it, in my feeds, a pretty post that had all the right elements. And it was saying that God loves me. It was just one too many. Please stop telling me God loves me.

Why It Bothers Me

I waited a long time to say something. About thirteen years of Christian walk, twelve of ministry. Why today? Because the more sensitive I become to hurting people, the more insensitive I find those posts. Don’t get me wrong, I know they come from the heart.

You see, dropping the L word on a bruised heart, can be like throwing salt on a wound unless there is substance to back it up. I am not being cynical, it’s just that life is sometimes too real for quick formulas and light christianese. Did Jesus go around telling people He loved them? No. He went around showing them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Touch the Leper

Four short verses great us at the beginning of Matthew 8. They tell us of a leprous man going to Jesus for physical healing. Verse 3 reads, “Jesus reached out and touched him. ‘I am willing,’ he said. ‘Be healed!’ And instantly the leprosy disappeared.” (NLT)

Imagine having your life suddenly interrupted by a debilitating disease. Consider having to leave everything behind, including those you love so dearly. The leprous man’s life had been shattered, broken, robbed of all love. He bowed before Christ desperate for physical healing, but Jesus offered so much more.

While He could have healed the leper in any kind of way, what did Jesus do? He touched him. Picture this, your skin is nasty, you are falling apart, no one wants to even look at you. But Jesus, He not only looks at you, he touches you. He does what no one else would do.

Every day, we are given the opportunity to touch a leper. How does that translate? That alcoholic or homeless person you meet every day on your way to work. How about inviting them for a nice meal and listening to their story with genuine care? That, baby, is love in action.

That is just one example. Who needs you? Jesus sure does the healing, but if we are His hands and feet, we are to touch the leper.

What if the leper is you?

Don’t Completely Stop Telling Me God Loves Me

Bottom line, don’t exactly stop telling people God loves them. But perhaps, consider telling and showing them just how God loves them. How does that look like? In what practical ways can we love on them?

If one’s perception of love has been tainted, surely, God infused actions will remind them what it really looks like, and invite their souls to dance again, to the rhythms of grace and eternal love. Let’s clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and pour out His love like never before.

About Caroline

Caroline is a Jesus girl more than anything. Even if often in the US and Canada, she lives in West Africa with her husband JB, and daughter Imela Christy. She is a writer, a minister, and a faith resource creator. She enjoys travelling, coffee, and friends.

Hey there, I'm Caroline

Hey there, I'm Caroline

I've been a follower of Jesus for over a decade, and a minister for almost just as long. My passion is to know God better, and help you know Him better too. I answer real questions with real answers, for a real faith in a real God.

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