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The Delusion

October 15, 2017

Ever felt down, weak, worthless, unhappy? Maybe what you feel is a joy unspeakable, or peace beyond all understanding… What if those feelings were caused by more than meets the eyes? The Bible tells us that a cosmic battle of unimaginable proportions is taking place in the heavenly realms and we can’t ignore it: the forces of good and evil constantly at war.

But what does it look like? What role do we play in the midst of it? Laura Gallier’s The Delusion shows us, through the life of Owen, a high school senior, what it may be like, and gives us chills as we read of the dark forces at work in the world. Many elements in the work of fiction can be connected to Bible truths and inspire us to be more on guard about the evil activities destroying lives around us. It also reminds us of the overwhelming power and authority that Christ followers have in the face of the enemy.

While it is at times dark and slightly heavy, it is much needed today, considering the success of Thirteen Reasons Why, a hit series that seems to glorify suicide without offering much hope. Author Laura Gallier doesn’t leave the solution up in the air, it is quite clear where one needs to turn to be freed from their chains.

The Delusion offers proper entertainment, but also a necessary boost for your faith and your prayer life. If you are anything like me, you won’t want to put it down.

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