Essentials to Go Deeper With God Toolkit

My Essentials to Go Deeper With God Toolkit contains some of the best curated tools for an intentional and relational walk with Christ. Every time I see something that I think may be of good use to you, I will add it here, so don’t hesitate to come back often. You may even bookmark this page. You can also sign up below to be updated with the best I got for you. I will include free stuff and items you can purchase if you think they might help you.

Some items are affiliate links, which mean that at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission that help me keep this website running. I would have recommended those items regardless.


I recommend using more than one translation to help understand the text and also to bring life to passages that may otherwise be less clear in one translation alone.

I love the New Living Translation. It is a paraphrase, meaning that it’s not a literal translation, but it’s close enough and the language is clear.  It is only a few dollars and so small that it fits really well in a purse!

I take notes in the margins on my Bible ALL the time. So when I saw this new CSB Notetaking Bible with space to write in the margins, and I thought, I need one! Now, sharing is caring. (And they have an illustrator’s edition in case you want to draw in it too.)

Journals / Notebooks

Moleskin journals are some of the best in my opinion. This size is ideal, and there is a pocket at the back where you can add a few small keepsakes, such as pictures and notes. I have ultrasound pictures in one of my Moleskin journals along with prayers and letters to my then unborn daughter.

Spiral Journals are the next best thing. You can flip the page all the way back and only need one hand to write. Very useful when your other hand is busy holding your favorite beverage. Because the covers are hard, they also offer the best support for writing on the go. And this one I picked for you is super cute.

I picked this one and this one for very superficial reasons. They are both beautiful in their own way. It’s important to like your journal. It will make you want to journal even more.

Office Supplies

Studying the Bible requires highlighters. Say goodbye to annoying ink spilling through extra thin pages making the other side hard to read. Say hello to “hi-gliders” which are made of a highlighting gel instead of liquid so the color stays on the page and doesn’t spill through.

I love dry erasers because they allow me to write a verse I wish to memorize in my bathroom mirror or kitchen window and then easily wash off when need be. It allows me to study the Bible while applying make-up or washing the dishes. Win-win.


You can download the Devotable App for free for your iPhone or Android device. It will give you access to free daily devotionals. And guess who writes for them every month? 😉 That’s right, sincerely yours!

You can also sign up online for if you prefer. Also free.

Priscilla Shirer’s Awaken devotional is really deep. It contains story and heart to heart Biblical wisdom she gleaned through the years. A real gem.

You may know the amazing Jesus Calling devotional, but author Sarah Young also wrote Jesus Always, Jesus Today and Jesus Lives.

Coffee / Tea

Pique tea is great because it is made of perfectly brewed tea crystals. You pour a sachet of tea in your favorite cup with warm water, stir, and voila. No steeping and no wait time. Genius. It replaces my coffee when too late in the day and needing that extra mental boost.

I love a really good warming cup of coffee, and since I discovered Fresh Roasted Coffees, I have the best coffee ever, in my house, on demand. Hello early morning prayer! I grind my coffee beans in a coffee grinder and brew it in a french press for maximum freshness and flavor.

It sounds fancy, but you really need no expertise to achieve awesome coffee. They also have the best decaf in the world. Oh, and it’s organic, fair-trade, and no chemicals are used in the process to make it decaf.

More of a hot cocoa type of gal? This brand is sugar free, and sweetened naturally using monk fruit. It’s the most delicious chocolate drink I’ve ever had. And it’s guilt free. I like mine with plant-based milk.

Worship Music

Music has such a way to change one’s mood and thoughts. That’s why it’s great to fill our ears with music that can boost our faith. Worship is key in a life dedicated to God. (In music form and others.) Here are some really great Spotify playlists that you might enjoy listening to during your times with God or throughout the day.

Contemporary Worship       Prayer Music

Prayer Prompters

When your head is filled with the worries and busyness of life, it’s not always easy to transition your mind into prayer. A tool that I find particularly useful is what I call a “prayer prompter.” It can be a prayer book, prayer cards, prayer cubes, etc. They are written prayers that will help to get you going at any given time.